Kitty & Cadaver


This band, in one form or another, has fought monsters for hundreds of years. Kitty Carrasco is about to join their latest incarnation.Is she going to get the hang of this singing magic before the Zombie Apocalypse devours Melbourne?


The Kitty and Cadaver project first appeared on its own blog site. The book is now with an agent and is looking for a publishing home. In the meantime, I’m still working on scoring the songs that appear in every chapter.

The original site still exists, but Kitty news will be posted here on Mortal Words in future – including songs



Crawling Ants (from Chapter One) – written and performed by Jess Harris

(If you can’t see these link images, follow the Bandpage and Soundcloud links below)

Kitty and Cadaver on Bandpage

Listen to or download Rain Song and see videos for Rain Song, Song for the Dead and Bury My Heart.

Jess Harris on Soundcloud

Crawling Ants and Jess’s other songs.

Kitty & Cadaver in the media

  • Narrelle M Harris was interviewed on the Taleteller podcast about writing, inspiration and the Kitty & Cadaver Project in June 2013.
  • Narrelle was interviewed by Alex Pierce about writing apps and the Kitty project on Galactic Chat #29 in September 2013.

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