Australian Women Writers 2012 National Year of Reading Challenge

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It’s time I put my hand up for this challenge! Australian Women Writers has set a challenge for the new year: to read and review writing by Australian Women.

Since I already have a stack of books by Australian women in my stash, it makes sense to declare the reading of them part of the challenge. I’m signing up under the Franklin-fantastic category, which means I must read 10 and review at least 4 books. That’s over a whole year. I’m sure I can make it. I’ll be sure to ask for recommendations if I seem to be running out of books.

The ones currently on my ‘to read’ pile that are eligible are:

  • Lucy Sussex – Matilda Told Such Dreadful Lies: The Essential Lucy Sussex
  • Tansy Rayner Roberts – Power and Majesty
  • Alison Croggan – The Gift
  • Anthology – Scarlet Stiletto: The Second Cut
  • Tara Moss – The Blood Countess (Does Tara count as an Australian writer now?)
  • A crime book that I currently can’t remember either the title or author of.  D’oh!

Books I don’t yet have but are on my radar are:

  • Deborah Biancotti – Bad Power
  • Rowena Cory Daniels – The Price of Fame
  • Marienne De Pierres – Burn Bright

That’s nearly ten already, and they’re just the ones I remember at the moment.

So, wish me luck, stay tuned and, if you like the idea, go on over to Australian Women Writers and sign up for the challenge yourself. You don’t have to read 10 book. The Stella category is there for reading 3 and reviewing 2 books by Australian women. You can do that in a year!


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  1. Yes, Tara does. She’s at least a resident and has an Aussie born baby. I’m not sure if she’s an Aussie citizen as yet but does that matter for this? I think not!

  2. I’ve accepted the challenge

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